Safety Tips For Using The Best Hand Winch

Hand winches are one of the most helpful tools that are usually taken for granted or overlooked. Without them, you won't be able to lift the load of your four wheeler ATV out of dirt or just simply survive any off-road casualties. A winch is definitely your best friend when it comes to your off road adventures but even using the best one available will still require you to practice safety while using them. Not only will doing this protect you from harm, but doing so will also prolong the longevity of your trusty hand winch.

The basics of hand winch safety always involve knowing the weight of what you are trying to pull since you need to make sure that your winch is indeed capable of pulling that amount of weight. Just in case what you're trying to pull is heavier than what your hand winch can carry, you can try using two separate hand winches or you could also try using a snatch block. However, most warn winches have a shear pin, which means that when you accidentally try to pull a load heavier than your hand winch can support, it will break free instead of turning into a catastrophic incident. Do remember that you need to take into consideration the load of your car and the car itself. It is also better if you load your car with the things you will be bringing before you see the weight of your car so you can make sure that your hand winch can fully support you once you go off roading.

It also pays to know whether you will be pulling or lifting things with your hand winch before deciding on one. This is because there are hand winches that are better for pulling and there are also ones that are best for lifting. Interchanging the two or using one type for both purposes is not a good idea. This is because Tuff Stuff Xtrem hand winch that lifts loads have more safety and locking features so as not to drop the objects to the ground, unlike hand winches made for pulling.

When you are facing a situation that needs a hand winch, do not panic and act on impulse. Remember to practice some safety hand winch procedure so as not to end up in a more distressed situation than you are already facing. If you want to be extra safe, use work gloves to keep your hands blister-free and to also improve your grip on your hand winch.